Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Want to Be Featured??

I am working on a top secret project and looking for those of you who have the following you might like to submit:
Christmas~Home, Decor, Crafts

Farmhouse~Home, Decor, Crafts
Shops~Decor, Christmas, Crafted, Etsy
If you already know what the project is, shhhhhh!
Please submit photos and/or articles to thevintagefarmhouse@gmail.com
and I will email you back with the details!
Happy Tuesday!

P.S. I am also still accepting those who are interested in donating an item for the big month of giveaways on my blog next month. You will get a free advertising button for one month along with a post for the giveaway that will include links to your blog and/or shop!


  1. Submitting a little photo and post, hope you like:)

  2. Oh that sounds like FUN!!! What about something that has already been posted..??

  3. Oh, thanks for that white holiday peek on Etsy...!

    It was a thrill meeting Rachel. I’m still too shy to look at all the pictures! Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog.


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