Monday, October 17, 2011

The Tiny Chandelier

STILL working on my daughters bedroom make over. I haven't forgotten.....there have just been a bazillion things coming up in between.

Some of you may remember the little chandelier I picked up at a yard sale over the summer. 
Here it is in it's new glory, I painted it and added a white chain cover made from a strip of sheet.

 Here is it's previous form...
 So yeah anyways with some luck some day I will have her room done. Something always sets me back on it. After hanging the chandelier I sat on her antique bed and the rails gave way....I'm pretty sure I got 3 broken toes out of the deal. 


  1. OUCH! Oh my gosh that is not funny!! THe chandy looks good on the plus side.

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm sorry about your toe...ouch! On the other hand,the chandelier is so pretty. I know what you mean about getting things done, it can be tough sometimes.

  3. Ouch! Hope you heal well. I'm still experiencing problems with both feet after severe sprains on them 7 years ago. The ortho said that a break is actually the better injury of the two!
    Wanted to ask you how the tent you ordered held up- is it sturdy and of decent quality? For the money- it sounds too good to be true. I
    wanted to see how you liked yours before Iordered one. Let me know. :-)
    Are you going to do Horton's Christmas show next month?
    ~ Sue

  4. Oh dear! I hope your toes feel much better soon! That sounds very painful!

    On the topic of your chandelier, I must say I LOVE it! It is simply beautiful, and what a lovely touch for your daughter's room! :)

    I know just what you mean about room projects that take longer than you think, things coming up! {I am feeling just like this with our master bedroom redo.} But I know your daughter's room is going to be so beautiful when you are done! :)

    I hope your day is a lovely one!


  5. Cute!!!!!
    ♥Linsey @

  6. Sorry to hear about your toes!

    I love the chandy, I just bought one very similar to yours. Mine has one broken arm so I am hopefully getting that repaired so I can paint like you did. I love how yours turned out, gives me inspiration for sure!


  7. Ouch, and just in time for close-toed shoes! On the bright side, your chandelier looks so pretty! I'm going to do one, too.

  8. Oh Nicki that sounds bad!! Makes me cringe!! Hope you will be okay.

    Love the chandy!!!!!!
    Sandi @ Wayside Treasures

  9. The Chandelier is beautiful--can't wait to see the room. I hope your toes are feeling better--I broke a toe once and it hurt so bad!!!

  10. So super sweet! What a lucky girl =)
    Hope your tootsies are OK.

  11. oh my! what we do for love and beauty!


  12. Love the chandelier! So sorry to hear about your toes though. Feel better soon!

  13. Oh, so ADORABLE and I can't wait to see the WHOLE bedroom....Especially with this Icandy...

  14. oh my goodness this is darling!! I just love vintage chandeliers! Your blog is STUNNING!

  15. OK I have questions about the chandelier. I love it. Was it sterling silver or silver plated, before you painted it? What kind of paint did you use? Was it spray paint? details Nicki, details. I might want to do something like that when we move.

    How did your sale go Saturday. There was no way I could go after that argument with my Shug Thursday night!

    Cindy Bee

  16. Oh! I love the white! So beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
    Stephanie @

  17. love love love your chandelier! i just hung one in my master bathroom....mine is a little over the top for the space - but "oh well" ha! your's is darling & the makeover in white is so charming! xoox

  18. Looks fantastic!! You'll get there in the mums always do!!

  19. OMG, that had to hurt! so sorry for all of your (1 step forward 2 back) You will get there just hang in there! Love the chandy! And really like your blog. Suz

  20. Love this!! I made one for my daughter’s first birthday party…chandeliers I used a wire basket I already had putting out Christmas decorations, I used their pearl


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