Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ruby Jean's

Today I want to share with you a very talented lady with a lovely blog!

She makes the MOST adorable aprons and bags EVER.

 Seriously have you ever seen anything cuter in your life??
 She has an Etsy 
shop so you can get some of the cuteness for yourself. 
{P.S. if any of my family is reading this, the apron above would be perfect for me for Christmas...not so subtle hint hint}
AND she gives them names and cute stories. 

Didn't I tell you

All photos are from Ruby Jean

Pop on over for some eye candy and tell her hello!


  1. so feminine and romantic!


  2. Gorgeous work. Those aprons and bags are adorable. I love the outdoor pictures too!

  3. Oh How very SWEET of you to not only do a post but to also give your compliments... Thank You!


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