Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Trash Treasure

Set out at the curb in one of the local neighborhoods today.....
 I picked it up originally planning to paint it. But upon closer inspection discover just the right amount of chippy white paint left on it for the perfect "Vintage Farmhouse" look.

 So I just added a flower rosette and some lace.
Now she is perfect to go with me this weekend to the Noblesville Old Mill Festival....though I must admit I am really really thinking about keeping her! 

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  1. Very nice...I would want to keep her, too! Hard to believe someone thought she was trash! The horror!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  2. That is one chair that I would definitely keep!!! I say put it in a flat rate priority box and send it to me!! HA HA!!

  3. oh she really IS just perfect as is! i wouldn't change a THING either! what a find! so sweet! ;)

  4. It would be hard to part with that one!!
    Just the perfect amount of paint left...great find!!
    xo Tami

  5. So nice to find something so sweet and no work needed!

  6. Oh me gosh, you scored!!! It is absolutely perfect just the way it is, love the rosette and lace. I'm in line behind Sandi (above comment) to send me to when you're through with it :)

    Mary @ Redo 101

  7. So hard to know what to keep and what to sell, isn't it? I love to have treasures come stay for awhile, and then move them on out when the time is right.
    Blessings & hugs,

  8. I asked my friend who has a booth and does the same kind of thing, how do you decided what to keep and what to let go? She says she just lets it all go! I sure hope I get to go to Noblesville this weekend.

    Cindy Bee

  9. I live in Noblesville and plan to go to the Old Mill Festival! Love the chair and can't believe that it was unwanted.

  10. i have one like that except i pd $15 for it. its chippy but in green. im going to do a bit of something to it, but im not sure what. i like the green as in like a john deere maybe, but i just think it needs something more. its too plain. i just dont know what else to do to it... love yours though. that would be a keeper for me. would look good in your newly painted front bedroom????? maybe?????:)

  11. oops wrong blog for a newly painted bedroom. names close, wasnt thinking, sorry. hope i didnt offend you. i follow lots of blogs and now i see i need to pay closer attention to what i write:(

  12. Nicki, I think it is perfect as is, too.

  13. @pipigirl
    Not offended, I realized that there was another blogger who took the same blog name as mine! I asked her if she would consider changing it because I chose the name long before her, and it causes confusion for our readers, but she did not believe it caused confusion! So there we have it...more confusion! lol It happens!

  14. What a cutie! I love vintage chairs of all shapes and sizes :)
    Cas x

  15. Love the patina, just perfect! Your photography is wonderful, thanks so much for joining in for VIF, xoxo


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