Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ruffle Shoulder Bag

For the shows I am doing I need some place to stash small things like change and what not, and as much as I adore cute aprons, I'm really not an apron person.

 I'm really more of a shoulder bag kind of girl, so I slapped this cutey bag together this morning so I can stash my small stuff.
 It's all kinds of perfect for me!
 I added the usual, fabric flower, lace, twine and a religious medallion and used some of the ruffled garland I have been making for a strap.


  1. Love it, so cute and pretty and oohh ruffles ♥♥

  2. What a beautiful bag! I can't believe you whipped that up in one day! It would probably take me weeks and a lot of frustration to make that!

  3. Absolutely stunning...I love it!

  4. What a pretty! I wish I had it for this weekend - I'm going to a street fair and it looks like the perfect bag to take along!


  5. OMG! I just ADORE this! you MUST make some to sell! truly...they would FLY out of your s hop!

  6. CUTE CUTE CUTE Nicki! I must get out my sewing machine and get busy!! :)

  7. Hey where are ya? I'm in noblesville and can't find you...

    Cindy bee

  8. What a great idea! Are you planning on selling them at your show? If so, I know they will be a huge hit!!!


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