Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Yard Sale

Let me be totally honest here...I was kind of bummed. It was supposed to rain so pretty much everyone backed out one by one.

But Kristina from The French Canary and I stuck it out.
And guess what? There wasn't a rain cloud in the sky all day.

Kristina brought her daughter and she played with my daughter most of the day. 

Her set up was so pretty! I just slopped mine out there without much thought because I was so exhausted. 
But the girls had fun playing, people came out, the sun shined and the chickens tried to go home with people as usual. It was a great day!

 Kristina's is the tent with all the shabby Frenchy pretties.
Did you see the chicken checking herself out in the mirror?
 See I told you she was all prepared and set up nicely! Look at all this fun stuff!
and Pattie The Shabby Chick made it out to the sale.

I'm glad we stuck it out despite the fact that they were originally calling for 70% chance of rain. 

I think next year we will only do the spring sale though. Anyone on board for that one?? I'm going to start planning ummm NOW for it so we have plenty of vendors in advance.


  1. Great way to have a yard sale. Thank you for your ideas.
    I am hoping to have a yard sale next month when it is a little cooler here.
    I will be using some of your ideas.

  2. Count me in! I would have slammed my brakes on for a sale that looks like this. Glad to hear the weather cooperated for you. Such lovely things you have!

  3. Looks like such a great set up too! Boo on the weather forecasters, they are always wrong!

  4. I sure wish I have lived closer!!! This sale looks amazing!!!!!!! Did you do well??

  5. Wow! Everything looked lovely!!! Like I always say to everyone that has one of these sales in blogland..."wish I lived closer, so I could take a peek & buy some stuff!" So cute!!! Happy that the weather turned out great!


  6. I totally agree with the other commenters...looks like a fabulous sale!

    I'm completely fascinated by the chickens. Am definately a city girl!

  7. That is truly the most beautiful yard sale I have ever seen....wish I could have been shopping!!!.....GREAT stuff....good job girls...Mariaelena

  8. Oh I would of needed a SHOPPING CART with all that great stuff for sale...Here's to next year.. :)

  9. I'll definitely be at the next one too! :)
    AND I will see you at Horton's, I'm going to be a vendor again! ;)

  10. Gosh I am totally bummed that I didn't get to shop at your place! I love the Shabby French offerings!

  11. Wish i could have jumped on a plane! Looks like ton's of great things i would have purchased!

  12. Wow...why do you have to live so far away!
    I see so many great treasures!


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