Monday, August 29, 2011

Burlap and Peaches

I know, I haven't shared an awful lot on here lately but there are several projects I am working on at once. 
Trying to get ready for the Noblesville Old Mill Festival the 17th of September and Horton's Autumn Market the 24th of September as well as a few other things.
But yesterday I received a FREE burlap bag full of burlap pieces! Woohooo! My first time working with burlap, so I made up a stocking and a table runner so far.

Be prepared, you will probably see a lot of burlap projects from me for the next few days!

 I also finished up a ruffled apron....
And peaches were on sale at my local grocery store for a great price so I have been canning away.

Vanilla Peaches

Easy recipe, 
10 sliced peaches
2 vanilla bean pods sliced length wise

Bring 2 cups of water and 2 cups of sugar to a good heat but not boiling, add your vanilla, add peaches and heat for 1 minute. Then fill your jars and put them in the water bath for 20 minutes. Don't forget to put half a bean pod in each jar for flavor.

Mmmmm thinking of heatign some up over some ice cream. 
♥YUM ♥


  1. it all, but most especially ~ the apron:)
    xo, Rosemary

  2. Hey Nicki,

    I am very interested in that apron - just shoot me an email with all the details!


  3. cute, cute, and yum!

    Hey I plan on going to Noblesville that day. It's also the day of their historic home tour and we would like to go check it out for ideas. Maybe I"ll see you then.

    Cindy Bee

  4. Love that stocking, Nicki. I am gonna try to get to Horton's in Sept. The spring show was a blast and I'm sure that the fall one will be just as inspirational. :-) Sue

  5. Love the apron!! Good job! :)

  6. That apron is just beautiful!
    I am working on some burlap projects myself ~ the no sew kind!

    Have you tried soaking peaches in white zinfandel wine all day? They make a nice little surprise if you are having guests over!

  7. That apron is really beautiful... I would hardly want to use it!

  8. Hi Nicki,
    Already liked your apron on FB. That stocking is really cute.

  9. I love your apron! Plus, the vanilla peaches look so yummy!

  10. Thanks for linking, love all your projects, exp that apron:)

  11. Hi, I guess you have been busy. The apron is wonderful I hope you made a few. Good luck on your two shows, I drop in from a linky party first time visitor. I love your blog and will be back, drop in for a visit. Kathy

  12. The peaches would be sinful over homemade vanilla ice cream. Adorable stocking and apron, too, Nicki!

  13. I have never thought to add vanilla to canned peaches. What a great idea!! Thanks.
    Visiting from Not Just a Housewife:)

  14. Hi Nicki,
    Would love to try those peaches. A blogger was going to send me a jar once , but they wouldn't let her send it through the mail with liquid. lol. They look yummy!!

    That beautiful apron gives me an idea to use a ruffled skirt that doesn't fit. It would make TWO aprons. :)


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