Tuesday, August 16, 2011

$20 and The Goodwill Outlet

After my sale I took $20 to "reinvest" in some more junk at the
Goodwill Outlet.

Here is what my $20 got me.....
A white feather boa I am going to use for a craft project.
A really cute vintage light fixture.
 A made in Germany glass hanging dish and tons of buttons and clips and what nots.
 A silver plate tray and a whole roll of pretty white lace.

Some necklaces
 A TON of ornaments

 Some cute mirrored light plates.

 A box to paint with some mini fencing.
 A bunch of ribbon and random lace and trim.
 Another sewing drawer!

 And probably my favorite thing...6 giant old pickle jars!
 Oh and a lamp shade and wicker basket, a blue ball jar, a roll of brown paper and some white paper filler material. There was also some vintage Easter decor that I didn't take photos of.

I've got fun plans for all of my "junk"!

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  1. OKAY you have got some SERIOUS Good GOODWILLS...I have never found anything like that at ours...Not to mention they would have charged $20 alone for that light fixture...Yes our Goodwill is a Price gouger... : ) I think not only do I need to shop at your Garage Sales but at you Goodwill as well... :)

  2. Good grief!!! You spent your $20 very well. Great finds!

  3. What???!! $20...what a score! My goodwill couldn't hold a candle to yours.

  4. WOW...I wanna go to your goodwill!!! SCORE girl!!

  5. Wow; you did absolutely great with $20.00; I'm loving it all.

  6. Allright that's it. I wanna go to Goodwill with you. Let me know when you are going again. I want one of those pickle jars. I have no idea why, I just do!
    Oh yeah - I think I have one of those vintage light fixtures. I think I bought one at a garage sale. I haven't been sailing in three weeks, I miss it!

    Cindy Bee

  7. Ok, I'm pretty jealous of the light fixture, jewelry, and the drawer! Going to check out the one of the outlets in Thursday, pretty excited about it!

  8. I'm pretty jealous of all that for $20!!! I really like the mirrored covers.

  9. Wow you did a great treasure find day our GW I would have never been able to get that much it is getting so high priced!!!

  10. Wow, our GWs here never have anything that good and if they did they would mark it all way up to where you would roll your eyes at the price!!


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