Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Recent Finds and Projects

Property 11 French-Bauer 54

I have no idea what this was used for but it's got that great old aged feel and the word "French" so of course I had to have it. And it really helped that it was FREE!!! 

Mary in white porcelain with pink flowers AND she lights up. $2 at a yard sale, SCORE! I've been collecting religious items only recently. You may have seen my Ladies in the Box posting.
There is just something so calming and ethereal about them, no matter what your religious beliefs may be.
A vintage general electric fan for $4. Yippee! I keep it in my craft room because those old school bad boys sure did put out some good air flow.....but I don't want any kids getting the bright idea to stick a finger in there. I wonder if anyone has ever lost a finger to one of these? I bet it has happened but I've never heard of it.
 I've been working on altering old bottles, because it seems to be so popular and there are so many lovely ones out there in blog world and on Pinterest. 
I don't think I am so good at it. It just doesn't seem to be something I have an eye for. I mean, they're pretty but not really eye catching.
 Several months back I bought a couple of great old glass chandeliers.....then accidentally broke them when I shut the car door. Tragedy! But what are you going to do, cry over it, or work it out? 
Luckily I only spent $5 each so it wasn't a huge loss. I took them apart and have been using the bobeches to make purdy candle holders.

Pics are a tad blurry, I couldn't get the crystals to stop swinging and was too impatient to wait. But these were easy peasy. I bought cheap holders, attached the bobeche and we are good to go!

I love figuring out ways to save my goodies when disaster strikes!

So this is what I have been up to. How about you? Any favorite finds or projects this week?

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  1. Love all your unique finds- especially that crate, too fabulous!

    Come by and enter my giveaway for 3 bottles of Joe Fresh nail lacquer if you like:
    just click here

  2. Nicki~ love your finds!
    I am a bottle collector myself!
    What fun you can have with them!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Gypsea Nurse

  3. Great finds! Too bad about the chandeliers (can't believe you got them for $5!) but thank goodness you are clever and crafty...I am sure you won't let a single crystal go to waste! The crate is fabulous! Maybe some expert on Frenchy items will read your post and tell you exactly what it was used for!
    Have a lovely day!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  4. I love all your finds--but that vintage fan and decantors are my favorite!

  5. I liked that one bottle you had at the French Flea Market, so I beg to differ that you are not doing a good job decorating them. I like those vintage fans. My brother got his fingers caught in one when we were little. We were staying with my Aunt and Uncle while my MOm was in the hospital having my sister (1969) My Aunt freaked out, then took him to the hospital and he had to get lots of stitches but didn't lose his fingers. Crazy kid!

    Cindy Bee

  6. I used to stick pencils and small twigs in those old fans to see how quickly they would break. And one of my favorite things was to take playing cards and pin them to the frame with just a bit of card hitting the blade to see how much noise it would make! Of course I could only do this when my mom wasn't around or I would be in jeopardy of being grounded!! haha!

  7. Wow, I love the free box and the $4 vintage fan is really cool--no pun intended. Great finds!

  8. That box will be can use it for so many things...and I love the fan...I bet there have been many a finger chopped off...those things are *bad boys*...but oh so cute!

  9. great crate, love the fan- looks just like the ones we had at home

  10. sounds like something that would happen to me (the chandy accident) I am always in a hurry....oh well. You have the right attitude to just work with it. As the old saying goes, why cry over spilled milk?

  11. What wonderful finds! I'm so happy for you...

  12. Nikki love the box a lot.... tried to call you Tue. left massage. was going to come out Wed. hope you week is going great..


  13. Great stuff Nikki...and that box is wonderful!

  14. Lots of fabulous finds! And I probably WOULD have cried over the broken chandeliers - or at least teared up. ;)

    Thanks for linking to the party.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  15. After watching american pickers I know that the GE fan is a good deal! if you ever need some fast cash, you can sell that puppy. Sweet pickins:)

  16. *Hi Nicky,
    You really scored with these finds, especially the crate and FREE! That is my favorite four letter word. LOL

  17. great finds--so cool. Thanks for sharing.

  18. The crate is fantastic, would love to see what you do with it!


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