Monday, July 25, 2011


I find it so hard to find a happy medium in between my love of two decorating styles. 

I love love love an all white palette. It feels so easy breezy. Everything in it looks great. It even makes tattered and tarnished items seem elegant.

But I also adore color, pretty pinks, blues and greys. It's not easy trying to decide which way to go!!


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I'm loving those soft pops of color!

  2. Why not blend them all? You have a lovely blog.

  3. PINK! hands down, accented with the elegance of whites.
    You'll find your palette/decor once you start working with these colors, sweetie.

    Have a wonderful week ~
    TTFN ~

  4. I have lots of color and but am amazed at the all white rooms that I see, I recently went on a trip and saw inspirations that made me sure that I love color. I am just not sure how long I would enjoy all white but it sure is beautiful to look at. Even RA is going for alot more color in decor as I see on the prairie website, or maybe have alot of rooms one way and then a room or two with the soft pops of color??

  5. I prefer white with color. I had all white/mostly white when we lived in Arizona, b ut I got tired of it.

  6. I love an all white palette too! When we repainted and did a mini redo of our kitchen, we went with white walls, ceiling, cabinets and just a teeny touch of honor our new granddaughter :-) Works for me! :-)

  7. I love the white too...and most of my house leans that way...but I do have little areas where I incorporate other styles in alcoves or corners...hahaha...I like too much to stick with all white. I love RED! hhahahaha....
    I do enjoy your blog and this post is wonderful. I have not seen these pictures before and they are wonderful!

  8. You sound JUST like me! I have the same issues! I'm usually completely satisfied with the absence of alot of color until I pick up a magazine or book (or look at blogs like this one) and see so many beautiful pics of colorful rooms. I always joke that I need several homes so that I can have a different one to match each of my decorative styles ; )

  9. Nikki, I feel like this daily... So I get what you are saying... I love pink but some how can't make it fit...


  10. hmmm well the color makes me feel happy and like you said the whites make a person feel peaceful. So I guess it depends on how you want to feel. I prefer feeling happy. I like the color. But I have the same problem. And usually by the time I get one color or theme finished, I'm already on to another one, so my house ends up cluttered and no theme...I'm going with 'pond chic' next!
    What is pond chic? I don't know yet. RJ and I just made it up!
    Cindy Bee


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