Monday, July 11, 2011

Horton's French Flea

I had an amazing weekend!

This was my first show and I loved loved every minute of it.

There were so many amazing booths, but I regretfully lost my camera charger and of course it died before I was done taking photo's. Booooo!

Here is what I did get.....

Rebecca Ersfeld

Hot House Market

The Reloved Booth


 Day one I nearly sold out and had to go home and scramble for more items to take.

Day two I did a lot of shopping.
There will be pictures of the items I bought, I promise. 
Everything I purchased is going to be used in my craft room that I am working on, so the new items will be shown in the big reveal!
I also had a lot of lavender lemonade. It was sooooo good. Ooooo and peanut butter fudge that was too die for.

I owe a HUGE thank you to Donna and the Horton's for being so wonderful and giving me this fantastic opportunity.

I also want to say thank you to all of you wonderful readers/bloggers who came out to see me. It was so nice meeting so many of you and putting a face to a name now!

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  1. Oh I am happy to hear your booth was so successful! Loved seeing your pics of the Hortons event. Someday I hope to come out and see it for myself.

  2. Congratulations on such a successful sale!!! Your photos are wonderful, so it's no surprise that you were cleaned out!

  3. It was so nice to meet you! I'm glad that you had great success at the sale. I look forward to seeing your craft room too. I've been sprucing mine up over the weekend now maybe I will actually get in there and do some crafting!

  4. Hi Nicki!! I am getting ready to post my photos from Hortons. Had an amazing time and it was so nice to meet you!!!!

  5. Hi Nicki- I'm glad I was able to meet you on Friday and I'm happy to hear that you did so well. I need to get my brass binoculars placed into a vignette soon. I'm busy as a bee this week! There is a group of Ohio bloggers that is getting together this weekend for a shopping excursion. Should be a fun adventure. I know all of them but one- she and I have been trying to meet for over a year. And she only lives down the road from me in Cincy! Have fun with your projects- I still say you are a wonder woman. ;-)

  6. Hi Nicki,
    Wow, what an amazing sale! I'm so happy that you had such a successful show! The other booths look totally amazing! I definitely want to attend next year!

  7. Hey Girl!
    I am so happy you had a good time!
    It was no surprise to me that you did so well!
    you have the cutest stuff!
    Big hugs and Thanks yous for being a vendor!
    Love ya bunches!

  8. Hey Nicki
    So good to meet you! I loved your stuff and hope you did well, I am sure you did.
    Hopefully we can keep in touch in blogland.
    Many blessings to you today, I hope you are all rested

  9. Everything is so pretty! wish i could come! ooxx, tracie

  10. What a great show!!
    I hear you met my Fairy BlogMother Sandi from Wayside Treasures...I'm so jealous!!!

  11. Nikki, it was so nice to meet you we will get together and have lunch sometime. Your books look great in my home...


  12. I've seen many posts on this event and it certainly sounds like it was a successful and absolutely wonderful day! Congrats on all your success. Best wishes, Tammy

  13. Perfect photos! Oh to have been there! Can't wait
    to see your tresures!

    Flora Doora

  14. Hey nick thanks for the shout out!!!

  15. oh, my goodness---i bought the fleur-de-lis plates and some hankies for my daughter's b-day party from you @ horton's---I'm so happy I found your blog!!!!!!
    I found it via a comment on urban farmgirl!! I'm so coming to Zionsville, haven't scoured that area yet!!
    here is my post on that day!!


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