Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Funny Thing about Having a Craft Room.....

Is that I have been saving furniture and "stuff" for the day I had my own space and I am now realizing I could have ten craft rooms and not enough space for all of it.

Warning: there might possibly be a yard sale Friday. 
Seriously, there is that much stuff I can not fit in here. 

I mean, sure I can squeeze a sale in, in between finishing this room and planning a birthday party here for my best friends granddaughter on Saturday.....right?

There will be things like this.....
And the pedestal behind it, because though I love these things....I don't have room!!

Anyone want to join me on the crazy bus this week?


  1. Well dear hubby says I am over extending myself....but next weekend I'm pretty sure I will be having the sale!!

  2. Nikki, please let me know,I still need to know how to get to you house...


  3. I love this post because I can completely relate!! I saved all kinds of stuff for my "someday" craftroom and as soon as it was finished, less than half of it actually fit it there. Too funny ~ so glad I'm not the only one who does that. Have a great day!

    God Bless,

  4. Wish I could go. I could really use that table!

  5. def call me girl, just go ahead and put any table aside for me... thank god its next weekend cause hubs gets paid again

  6. Hey I'm with you on that bus!

    You could do what I do...just throw it all in the room and close the door!

    Cindy Bee

  7. You are not having the yard sale July 16th, correct? Because I haven't looked at any blogs in days and it is now the 16th.... but I am in the market for a few pieces of furniture for our family. Mainly something to use as end tables where we can set a drink and a lamp... seriously, nothing big.

    Have a great week! And please let me know if you are doing the yard sale because I will be there with bells on (ok not literally but I should be there unless hubby decides we have plans as our family have gone separate ways for the past 2 weeks.)

  8. LOL...this is so me...there are so many great ideas and so little space:) but I do love what you came up is such a sweet space.


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