Friday, June 10, 2011

Have You Heard of Hortons?

Yes, I know I promised you a girls room unveiling and info on the water slide paper....but surely you know by now that I am the scatter brained sort and I'll get to it (sooner or later) I promise!

Currently I am still reeling from my success at The Woodruff Flea Market, and in a crazy whirlwind of panic and excitement over two upcoming things!

First I was asked to do a guest post at

My first guest post! I will be there on Tuesday. Kim has a lovely home, great projects and tutorials and shows you how to do it all on the cheap!

My second bit of news.....
Well I woke up the other morning with not one but two emails from other bloggers (♥Thank you The Bee Lady and The Shabby Chick♥)
asking if I had been to Horton's of Tiptons Annual Flea Market.

I had not, so I went to inspect.....
Oh My Goodness!

Horton's Of Tipton

I mean who wouldn't love a flea market with French flair. But seriously?

This is one of the vendors. How gorgeous is that?

So I did the crazy thing and emailed to see if they have any booth space left. 
Turns out....I will be setting up a booth for Horton's French Flea Market this year!!

Now I am excited, but also in this crazed sort of panic. I feel as though I am playing with the big dogs and I am still a tiny mutt....with only three legs and a chewed up ear. Ya know?

I ran out of all my good stuff at Woodruff, so I'm on a crazy thrifting spree.

I have a notebook I've already half filled, trying to plan out the size of the space and how many items I can cram in and have it still look like luscious fabulousness. 

I've been pinning things to Pinterest like a mad woman so when I get feeling down I can look at all the gorgeous inspiration out there.

So if you are wondering where my posts on other things are, or why some posts may be short on words, I'm still here.......just going crazy with panic and excitement!

I am still reading every blog out there, even if I don't take a minute to comment (I'm kind of a blog stalker like that!) and I am also reading every comment you leave for me. 

Have a wonderful weekend darlings!


  1. Nikki, can't wait email me I may have a place where you can go dig for some stuff... Tell you about it later.... Talk soon..


  2. This is crazy... Apparently none of my friends know about Horton's of Tipton as I've been asking around and no one mentioned it. And to think Tipton is literally just up the road from our house, like 20 minutes at the most!!!

    Thank you so very much! I plan to make a trip or two myself!! And I may even get to see you over the weekend of July 8th!

  3. How kind of those much love out there in bloglandia! Have fun, wish I wasn't so farrrrrrr away from all of the good shopping.
    xo, Janet

  4. Wow this sounds like fun. For inspiration I am seeing pictures of the Farm chicks sales all over. There are some pretty fancy set ups! Good luck!


  5. I love that shabby little building..looks like Hortons is going to be great. have fun!

  6. Hey Nicki,

    I did a post on that flea market last year, if you want to see more pics of it, look here.

    I'm so glad you are going to be in it. It'll be great! Take some deep cleansing breaths....smell some of that lavender....and relax a bit. You'll get 'er done!

    Cindy Bee

  7. Exactly where is Horton's? I'm only about 15 - 20 minutes from Tipton and very interested. Also, Is it only on June 8th and 9th or can you visit at other time?

  8. I am a new follower of your Blog and I am really enjoying your posts!

    LuLu Kellogg

  9. Never heard of Horton's but I sure would like to go!!! :D

  10. Wow, that is so cool! Well, we are in the same crazed panic, as I am getting ready to do my first show with "the big guns", haha! Little ol' me! So, I can totally relate to where you are coming from! I think I must be painting and glittering in my sleep, 'cause I am exhausted! My show is two weeks from today (yikes!). When is yours?

  11. First thanks for stopping by, second so happy you did so I could discover your wonderful eye candy of a blog! How adorable is that booth, why don't the flea markets I have gone to look like that:) We really don't have any around here, which is such a huge bummer. Thats so neat that you will be fun! I look forward to seeing and hearing more!

  12. HI ... Im new to ur blog ... i found it from a listing on craigslist... then i see my dear friend lulu is also a new follower. I have just moved to indiana and am definately going to that flea market...... its not that far from me....

  13. Thanks so much for stopping....Yea, u know ive heard of Hortons......never been , however Pattie promises to take me next time that i visit......Good luck on opening ur booth there, hope that works out well for ya...............Bonnie

  14. Wow, you are going to be one busy lady!Glad you could get into the Horton Flea Market, sell lots!

  15. love that vendor! and congratulations on your recent successes

  16. Looks like a fun place :))
    I want to be there!!
    Take lots of pictures to share!!
    Good luck!!


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