Thursday, March 24, 2011


Ever since I saw this post >>Office Setup
from The Lettered Cottage a few weeks back I have been sighing and dreaming over this rug!
It's the perfect versatile and AFFORDABLE rug!

Now typically I am not a big box store kind of gal, but when I read The Lettered Cottage's post, I couldn't believe the price (not to mention it looks so good in the photos)!

But as my luck tends to run, the closest Ikea is in Cincinnati....two hours away!
And they don't ship these rugs!

Now I am trying to figure out how in the world I am going to get myself one of these rugs. 



  1. You find someone trustworthy that can buy it and ship it to you for the cost of shipping plus their time/gas?



  2. Roadtrip! With a friend and a truck...

  3. We have no Homegoods and No Ikea here! Your Ikea is the closest one to me and you are almost 4 hours from me! On a good note, since both of those stores aren't here it probably has saved me a lot of money lol!

  4. Is it white? I love white but how do you keep it from soiling/staining and all that?

  5. Oh I saw Layla's post and it's small enuf to fit in the washer...excellent!


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