Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Question for Sellers

Who do you use for shipping? I've been using the local post office but it seems they are exceptionally brutal with packages no matter how carefully I package them.

I want to be able to ship for a good price but am about tired of every other package arriving broken.

Not only are the contents broken but the packages sometimes look like they've been ravaged by a hungry wolverine.
Very very disappointed with the USPS people.

Thanks in advance for any advice!!


  1. Gosh, wish I could help!!
    UPS is always really nice, don't know about the shipping though :(

  2. I use USPS and back everything like they ARE ravaged by hungry wolverines! :) The key is to over pack. I wrap everything in bubble wrap, even nonbreakables, and use copious amounts of packing peanuts. Never, ever put 'fragile' on a box! I was once told by a USPS employee that the guys in back take that as a challenge to see if they can break something.


    That is horrible! But i did secretly suspect that they did something like that.

  4. I agree with Lav.Garden Cottage, I used to write fragile on every package and found that they look like they played baseball with them, not I over pack and ship USPS and keep my fingers crossed!

    Hugs, Dolly


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