Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The McNuggets

This is what we are calling the girls until we decide on names....

The McNuggets
Here are my sweetie pies outside today in the warm spring weather with their new feathered friends.

 The McNuggets love the kids and come running when they call them. It's the cutest thing I have seen. I had no idea that chickens responded to people like that!

Some of my daffodils have bloomed.
I am so excited that almost all of the peonies I planted last year are poking through the dirt. Even the ones I got for free!

I hope to get some pictures inside the house tomorrow but it was soooo nice out today!!
What spring flowers are your favorite?


  1. They are adorable...and I feel awful...I have McNuggets for lunch...I have to go in a corner and think about what I did!

    m ^..^

  2. How sweet and McNuggets.....too funny!!! My FIL had a chicken who would always eat out of our hands and another that would jump on your shoulder when you would get the chicken feed out!! Chickens are great!!!

  3. so cute! I love that you have chickens, so keep us posted from time to time on the mcnuggets.

  4. The mcnuggets are too adorable!

    And for favorite spring flowers... hands down lilacs and peonies!


  5. How cute....the kids and the McNuggets! I go to Rural King every year and look at all the little chicklets and this year they even have ducklets! I want some.

    My favorite spring flower....hmmmm, tulip I think...oh wait...maybe hyacinth...they have such a wonderful scent...but I also LOVE lilac bushes. Can't pick just one Nicki. Spring is my favorite time of year.

    Cindy Bee


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