Monday, March 7, 2011

Crafting & Decor A.D.D

I don't have any pictures of my newest project yet, so I am sharing a picture of a thrift store bottle and flower. I added rub on letters to it.
 You can kind of see that it says "Paris"

So speaking of Paris, today I got a great idea for the box the hubs new tv came in.

I wanted something to hold the macaroons I am making for my party.

It ended up being 4 feet tall.....

it's something you would find in Paris........

any guesses?

I hope to be finished with it tomorrow so I can share the pics and tutorial with you all.


  1. Catacombes ; ) Ok....Amy took my answer and that is all I could come up with...guess it wouldn't be appropriate. : ) Can't wait to see what you came up with! Love, Me

  2. I'm thinking whatever it is it may be an "eyefull". That was inspired using let them eat cake on the toppers. I know Marie Antoinette apparently didn't actually utter those words. I think it was stated 100 years before her time by Marie Therese, but I'm always reminded of them like most people when I read anything about her.

    Lisa x

  3. @thatsmyjob

    If only I could create the catacombes ......and serve french macaroons in the walls......ewwwww.....and yet oddly appealing.

  4. I found you off a linky..Goodwill Outlet is what caught my eye. I live in Indy as well and LOVE the GW outlet. I"m following you now.


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