Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vintage Finds

I'm kind of in a "mood" today. 
Yesterday was my first attempt ever at sewing. I bought a machine and finally took it out of the box. After two hours of trying to figure out how to get it threaded, I succeeded.....or so I thought. As soon as I started to sew it jammed up. So I took a breather before it became a flying sewing machine. Bought a sugar cream pie and ate over half of it while brooding in my epic failure. 

Today I woke up and decided the entire house needed re-arranged. (I blame all of this on the weather. When all else fails, blame it on the weather!) Once that was done nothing looked quite right. More re-arranging......now  my house looks like a tornado hit. I have fabric strewn from room to room trying to figure out if I need new curtains or upholstery. Wondering why my dining room looks too stark to me. I give up for today!

.............and here I sit eating the other half of my sugar cream pie (sugar cream pie is king of comfort food to me)

On the bright side I did finally take a few pictures of some of my "stuffs" I've been collecting over the last week and weekend. Most will be going on Etsy and in the "Epic Yard Sale". A few things I am keeping like the throw and the mason jars.

 The mason jars came from a bin at The Goodwill Outlet.
A lady next to me was also gathering them up as quickly as she could. She told me "These come around in every single bin."
I've never seen them there before. I think she was trying to get me to put them back so that she could have them. Not a chance love! These were on my "want list". (They had "gunk" in them and I still haven't washed them...that's the dirty spots in the picture.)

 I found three pink metal and plastic hangers. Didn't really need them but aren't they sweet?

 Another prom dress.
 Vintage hair dryer...and it works!! (not too sure how safe I would feel using it, but it is nifty!)

 A suitcase full of vintage aprons.

 Vintage corsages

 A bucket of sand dollars

 This is the table top lighter I bought at the estate sale. 

 Serving bowl from the estate sale. Isn't it gorgeous? I love roses.

Crocheted throw from Salvation army for $2

 I also picked up 15 of these vintage metal hang tags.

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  1. Wow--you know how to find great things! I love the mason jars--the color is wonderful. I never have any luck at Goodwill. I get so down as so many of my bloggie friends find wonderful things--ours is almost all horrible clothing. Ugh! At any rate--love the rose bowl, the edging is wonderful. The tabletop lighter is very chic. Does it work too? That vintage hairdryer is great. I have a hairdryer that my Papaw fixed for me in my teens back in the early 80’s When all my new hair dryers burn out--I go get this one out of the closet and it always works. Can you believe it? I just love it and if it goes out on me, it will break my heart.
    Hugs, Amy

  2. @Verde Farm
    I've been to Goodwill Outlets in other towns near me and also in Tennessee and have noticed it isn't quite the same stuff. Somehow I got soooo lucky when we moved here a little over a year ago to be so close to a good one!
    I was going to sell the rose dish on Etsy...but now I am not so sure. Worst habit EVER....I want to keep all the good stuff. Then my house gets crazy cluttered.
    I haven't tested the lighter. I need to but I am assuming it does because it is in excellent condition.
    It's amazing how long the stuff made back when outlasts new things isn't it?

  3. You certainly found some great stuff! The pink coathangers are really cute and those mason jars were a real find! We have St. Vincent dePaul here in Australia or vinnies, and there prices are getting ridiculously high for an op shop. They even have there stuff locked up in cabinets so you have to ask for assistance if you need something. They're becoming more like antique shops with their vintage stuff. Every now and then I find something from there that's at a good price. Good luck with your sewing. If something isn't working out for me... I normally just leave it and attempt again later when I've calmed down! take care, Maryann

  4. Yum...... sugar cream pie! Your sooooo right, comfort food all the way! Love your finds and I know what you mean about the weather, I have fluffed, cleaned, moved items and still feel not right........so going to Shipshewanna Auction tomorrow, maybe spending some money and being in a sea of vintage will boost my mood!

  5. My Goodwill has only junk. I'm in agreement with Amy, I can never find anything as unique and useful as you and other bloggers seem to find. I love the numbered tags and the rose plate with the lily of the valley's is really lovely. Nice finds for sure.

  6. I love everything!!!! I can't believe you scored at Goodwill!!! Ours is terrible....and expensive. The estate sale finds were awesome!!! Can't wait to see more!

  7. You do get good stuff. I love that prom dress...I would be like you, hanging onto everything and getting hoarderish....ugh. But it is all so cool. Nice Mason jars too. When I have that mood where the house needs to be rearranged, I know I am in trouble. So eat your pie and let it pass!!

  8. Oh the love and time that went into that throw! I grew up with those hangers. I'm not sure whether that dates me or my mother. They did go on and on.

  9. I must admit I don't know what sugar cream pie is but it sounds sinful! You always amaze me at the great finds you find! Wish we were neighbors then we could treasure hunt together or we would be arch rivals! LOL Traci

  10. @Shabbygal
    I have found that it is definitely easier to go treasure hunting with someone who has opposite tastes!
    I've heard (don't quote me on this) that sugar cream pie is a southern treat. You're not the first person I know who hasn't heard of it. But here in Indiana most of the local grocery stores do carry it. It's like a cream pie...with tons of sugar. It is sinful! I'll probably have another 10 pounds gained from eating it, but it really is a great comfort food on a rough day!
    Luckily the day has turned around some. I've sold all of the vintage metal hang tags and have to go back tomorrow and get more!!!

  11. @Niece
    I've always wanted to go up north to the auctions. I've heard they are amazing!

  12. @Amy @MaisonDecor
    My husband always teases that I will be on one of those hoarder shows! I get to the point where I start looking around and thinking omg! I finally started getting a bunch listed on Etsy today...gotta get it sold before I get buried under an avalanche of stuff!

  13. I love, love, love all your vintage finds! Your blue mason jars are awesome. I only have one, but I am always looking for more. They looks very pretty with pink flowers like you have them displayed.


  14. Oh I love the metal number tags I could think of lots of projects for those!

  15. Great finds. Love the blue mason jars. the blow dryer brings back memories. oooooh.

  16. love your vintage finds i never get that lucky.
    btw the sewing machine issue don't fret always in stitches in noblesville does classes give them a call they might be able to help.

  17. Great finds. So fun. I love the metal tags!

  18. Oh I am loving those tags....anything metal is my friend!!!

  19. OK - I'm sorry but I was laughing out loud at the beginning of your post. It sounds like one of my days. "Cept I probably would have had Moosetracks ice cream and not eaten half of it at one sitting. I would have filled a small bowl, because it makes me feel like I'm not eating as much. But I would have filled it three times! I do love Sugar Cream pies though....

    I have got to get to your Goodwill. Although, now I'm thinking you might have to come here and spend a Friday garage sailing with me and my friend. Only you like the same things we do, so we'd probably be pulling each others hair out before the day is over.
    I don't do etsy, or craig's list. I should. My house is cluttered. I have several blue mason jars and love them for vases. I have several vases too, and love them for canning (just kidding) gotta go, I'm rambling...

    Cindy Bee

  20. Unbeleivable finds. I love how you have the canning jars displayed on the cake plate. ~~Sherry~~

  21. Oh, believe me, I have had those days too sweetie! Just put it aside, and come back later.
    I get frustrated sometimes reading others blogs, and seeing how they just "have it all together".
    Love those jars, and the pretty plate. I love roses too! Hope all goes well with the sewing.


  22. HI Nicki ~ I love the Goodwill story. Don't those people just irk the Hell out of ya. Anyway - my Mother in Law gave me a top of the line sewing machine eons ago - needless to say, its still in the box. Never tried it - never will. Love all the goodies you found. Those tags are pretty cool. I also found some of that Fleur de Lis china at an Estate Sale a few weeks ago. Mine has no markings but I can tell its the same maker - do yours have any maker marks? I'd be curious to know. Happy WW!

  23. @Dee@FrenchBleuVintage
    Dee it has an engraved plate on the bottom but I can't make it out. Maybe tomorrow I can track down my magnifying glass!
    My mother in law actually came over today at my request and showed me what I was doing wrong. I actually did sew a bit successfully!! I'm following your blog now! ♥

  24. @Bee Lady
    Cindy, I thank you soooo much for the comment this morning. I was up all night Tiny tot terror has the stomach flu AGAIN.
    So after a rough night it was good at least to read a comment first thing in the morning that made me smile!

  25. @Pink Roses and Teacups
    I don't think anyone ever really has it all together, and if they do I really want to know their secret! Some just make it look really good...which isn't my style.... I want everyone to enjoy my pretty pics but also to be able to laugh along with me in my fumblings and musings on how I got to the point of getting the pretty picture!
    Thanks for commenting!

  26. I grew up in Indiana and so Wicks Sugar Cream pie was just something you stocked in the freezer along with the side of beef. lol So I use to when I couldn't wait for it to thaw just eat it frozen. Whenever we go to back home I come back with several boxes and some Pete's Pride pork tenderloins and Pizza King pizza.
    What great things you find! Loved your post. You just got real with us and that is priceless.


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