Monday, January 17, 2011

I Got My Marble (squealing with delight!)

I have been searching high and low for a slab of marble for my kitchen island. (It's really just an old cabinet that I found in the trash) But I am picky.....I wanted the white (carrara?) marble, the kind with grey veining. I needed a piece that was just the right size (I don't have the funds to have it cut) about 2ftx4ft and very very low priced. 
I search Craigslist every single day sometimes several times a day looking for certain items free or crazy cheap. Today I found this............
Picture taken from the Craigslist ad
It's a French Pastry Table. The top comes off and it is almost the EXACT size I needed for my kitchen island. There is another one that had been listed on Craigslist that I had adored since I first saw it but the almost $300 price tag was most definitely to steep for me. So imagine my surprise when I saw this one listed for......drum roll please......$50!!!
There will be pictures to come of course. But the marble top has prompted me to start over on my kitchen yet again. Lots of painting going on in there and changing out the chandelier to a 1970's Spanish chandy I've had sitting in my closet forever.
I plan to add a different top to the wrought iron bottom and probably sell it to make my $50 back.
I'm over the moon with this!!
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  1. Think of all the delicious dough you will be rolling out on your new marble. So happy you found a bargain!!

  2. Wow what a fabulous deal! I too have been searching for just the right piece of marble for my bathroom vanity top... we found one at our local salvage/re use it store but it was super thick since I think it origianlly was a "stall wall" from a public bathroom... way too thick and heavy for a bathroom vanity (unless we wanted to really beef up the exsisting cabinet!) So I'm still on the look out!


    ps you should use the base for an outdoor would be cute.

  3. What a great piece of marble! Great find. Thanks so much for linking up today for SECOND CHANCE TUESDAY! Love it!

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  4. Can wait to see all of those french pastries you're going to make! I agree with Chris, that base would be a good outdoor table. If you don't have the room for it, you could put it in your sale that I'm going to try very hard to attend!


  5. I love that pastry table! What an incredible bargain. So happy for you to find it. Now I think you should keep the base and make a wood plank top for it! If this comment is a double, it is because I think I skipped out before verification.

  6. You got a great deal! I used to have a marble topped island and oh how I miss it! Yours is quite lovely!! Traci

  7. I can't believe you found a french pastry table on Craigslist. I've been wanting one for ages. I think they usually sell for $800 - $1,500. I don't know if it was me...I'd want to keep the marble with it's original base.

  8. What a fabulous find! Are you a baker? I guess it doesn't matter, does it! I love it.

  9. @About Vintage French Hen

    I do a lot of baking for our house and for family and friends.

  10. jealous!! so, so, so JEALOUS!! ... Itoo am searching for the exact same thing ... with no luck!! Good for you ...can't wait to see the final result ; )

    Thanks for sharing at French Cupboard,

  11. Oh, that is wonderful! What a deal. You will have to show off the finished cabinet. Looks like it will be amazing.

  12. I love it and especially the marble! So very French. I found you through the French Cupoard and now I am a follower. xo Caroline

  13. $50??? You're so lucky!!! What a great find. Glad you shared it with us.

    Blessings... Polly
    Counting Your Blessings & French Cupboard

  14. Omigosh...what a fantastic find! Bargain, lucky you. She's beautiful and frenchy!

    Saying bonjour from another French Inspiration participant.

  15. LOVE this marble find! Jealous!!



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