Monday, December 13, 2010

Thoughts for Today

I woke up today trying to plan my next move around the house and what project I would like to tackle next. I am decidedly not crafty. I have to thank the blog world for all of the inspiration that has gotten me motivated to start crafting projects! I think the things I have created have turned out for the most part ok, but not as awesome and lovely as so many things I have seen done by others. I'm getting there though! The decorator in me is great when it comes to re purposing and re-doing furniture but not so great when confronted with a glue gun and a pile of pretty paper.
I have also been giving a lot of thought to my dining room and living room. It feels so contrived, so unlike me. I have to do something, anything to spruce it up. I am actually thinking about painting my dining room table a bold blue.....or the walls. I adore neutral in my home because I change things out so often it makes it easier when we have no funds to match things. But something has to give! It's too...boring. My kitchen is finally someplace in the home I adore. It's me. It's a lot of French Market, with a bit of Rockabilly Retro and a smidgen of Shabby Fabulousness. I need to find that in the rest of my house, bring it out to play! So anyways while I am pondering these thoughts for the day and planning my next project, here are a couple of pictures of my latest projects......
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sheet music wreath for my sister

paper house

unfinished project!


  1. Love the wreath..I think you are doing a great job.. You sister should be happy to receive it.. if not take it back & regift it to me.. LOL

  2. You seem pretty crafty to me! I have a problem with how to decorate. For awhile I liked the look of the 40's, the year our house was built. THen I went to the shabby chic look. Now I like both and a little french vintage style too. THink it could all look good togehter??? I suppose I could call it 40's shabby vintage!


  3. Not crafty? I think your soo crafty! I just discovered your blog and I'm smitten! Going back to check out the hutch post as I just got one similar off craigslist and debating what color to paint it! Hugs, Traci


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