Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Have you Picked Your Word for the Year?

You might think it is a little silly,
 to pick a word that encompasses your entire year. Maybe the way you feel about the coming year has many words attached to it.

For me it's all about SIMPLIFY.

I have kids, and cats, and goats, and life, and stuff, and things, and it is all just a little overwhelming sometimes.
{Isn't it for everyone?} 

So I am going through this thing.....

There is this whole minimalist movement happening. My friends and I have been discussing it a lot on Facebook. My personal thought on becoming a minimalist is this
Minimalism is trending BIG right now and I think some of it is monkey see monkey do....but I also think there is definitely a reason it is trending. We are living in an age where he who dies with the most stuff isn't a sign of wealth or status any longer. We are realizing that all this stuff is sometimes a sign of larger issues. We are taking notice of how we interact with our things and many of us are deciding it is time to spend less money and time on living with things and more on doing things...I personally want to do all the things, every. last. one. 

Now I know this isn't for everyone and if minimalism isn't your thing. If you like all of your stuff and truly enjoy it then keep on keepin on!!

 I started my year with a plan and a list.
And I am sticking to it.....
Sometimes things go in the get rid of pile, then come out, but eventually always end up back in.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Long Time, No Type

I've been in the land of limbo............
 ever since we realized that our dream of owning the farmhouse that we lived in for 6 years was not going to happen. They decided at last to sell it for well over our price range. Sadly two years later the old house sits vacant on it's hill, run down and forlorn. The new owners seem to have not had the grand plans that I had for the old beauty.

Time has passed, 2 years almost. We have been trying to find our place in this world where we fit after losing the house we had all grown so much as a family in.

We moved down south, met some great people, and realized it is not home for us as much as we tried to make it. I love my southern friends and will miss them when we are gone.

I didn't blog or take a lot of pictures because nothing felt permanent. 

My year in photos can be easily summed up on our Instagram page @vintagefarmhouse.
 Now here we are in the first month of January 2017 and we have big things, great things on the horizon. I am following my dreams to a place I love. We have plans and are very actively searching for our farmhouse in the place of my childhood summers.
{land of dreams and beaches ♥}

And I promise I won't be leaving this blog alone and lonely. I am excited for this move and excited to share our stories and adventures.